The Cooler That's Infinitely Cooler

Features To Take You Outdoors

7-12 Day Ice Retention

Powder-insulated walls. This keeps ice frozen longer, up to 12 days,  which is twice as long as traditional coolers. Shoutout to the newest  innovation of nanotechnology that replaces electric power to keep the  cooler insulated. 

61 Quart Capacity

With all this room, you can fit a tiny penguin in here. But seriously, the large capacity interior lets you store more food and even more drinks—it can hold up to 55 water bottles! And since nobody wants a soggy sandwich, the removable Chill Divider helps separate your food, drinks and ice.

Large Sturdy Wheels

 Large wide wheels to conquer dirt, rocks, and grass. The wheels are made  of ABS and rubber. The Infinite Cooler is made with a special hexagonal  design and 2x larger diameter to make the cooler easy to  drag. Infinite’s durable wheels are designed to hold up under a heavy  load and make it easier to transport anywhere. 

550 Watts Blender

BYOB (Be Your Own Bartender). Strawberry daiquiri, anyone? How about a  margarita on the rocks?There’s nothing more relaxing than kicking back  with a cocktail or smoothie on a hot day. With Infinite’s ice-crushing  blender, you can create refreshing concoctions no matter where you are. 

Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers

A party  without music is, well, kinda sad. Thankfully, the Cooler Gods equipped  Infinite with Hi-Fi dual-powerful speakers. You can be a DJ and play  music on your Bluetooth-enabled device directly to your Infinite. All  the more reason to create that perfect playlist for your next outdoor  party. 

Wireless Charger and USB Ports

 When you’re in the great outdoors, it’s important to stay powered up.  Stay connected with Infinite’s dual USB ports and wireless charger. Even  hardcore outdoor enthusiasts need their phones charged. 

Digital Screen&Easy-Touch Buttons


We’re digitalizing your outdoor experience. Infinite’s Digital Screen displays the inside temperature of the cooler.

Use the Easy-Touch Buttons to power the cooler on/off, and control the Bluetooth, LED lights and built-in camera.

Multifunction Utensils

 Short on plates? Forget utensils? Don’t worry, Infinite brings the  kitchen outdoors. Each cooler is organized with all the essential tools  you need for a picnic or BBQ.  It makes prepping food and drinks faster  and much easier. 

Bungee Cord

 Nobody wants to take multiple trips to the car. Eliminate the need for  extra baggage with built-in bungee ropes. The tie-down bungee cord helps  secure and transport everything easily in one trip.